Executive Summary: "K-PLUS CO.is currently dealing with exporting Korean made auto spare parts.We offer all kind of spare parts for Hyundai,Kia,GM-Daewoo and SSangyong with various selections.Not only we genuine parts for those car models with competitive services,but we also offer the qualified OEM and non genuine class parts." For better services, we are currently running our web based assistant systems with more than 900,000 part data. Our customers are able to check our all activities from our web services such as Inquiries,offers, packing status, shipment schedules, claims, and so on. Of ourse, it is possible for them to check their purchasing history and instant pricing. We are updating our database in real time base so that they could save lots of work process and moreover valuable time. K-PLUS CO. has a rigid principal for doing its business. That is "ADVANCE THRU TRUST." All experienced experts in our company never stop focusing on this motto. Because we are well known that the ultimate benefits are always coming from the mutual benefits. And it could be possible to keep this principal only by building the mutual trust. Product and Service Description: K-PLUS CO. assists its customers in supplying the exact parts for their application at a price that meets or exceeds their expectations. In the event of a better service, we will be there to assist and hear the better way to survive in high competitive market. We are now carrying or have strong relationship with Korean major manufacturers and motor companies like Hyundai, Kia and GM-Daewoo and so on. We are also carrying our own labeled products with high quality to support and convince our customers to compete much better. Even though our target market is very competitive in worldwide, our services and products will be sufficient to fill most of needs of even the most competitive market situation. Our reputation for having exclusive services is saving our customers both money and royalty in their market. Our experience has shown that most of customers in world are asking for low prices to compete their market. We believe we can offer our products that indeed are lower in price without sacrificing the quality concerns that our customer will demand. K-PLUS Co. will provide precisely the services that today's auto spare parts business requires. To build the strong relationships with our customers, we are currently running the profit sharing program called 'PLUS-ONE POINT'. It was designed to support our customers for surviving in the heavy competitive market. And we believe that it will be very helpful for them to positioning better than for their competitors to do. Sourcing: This is an area that we feel we are enjoying a distinct advantage over much of our competition. Because of our past work experience in purchasing, we have a vast number of supplier contacts within the Korean made auto spare part industry. We have good, long-tem, solid relationships with many of these vendors which, in many cases, will allow us to serve our customers better in pricing. Many of these qualified suppliers (OEM, NON GEN parts) have already committed to special deals for us. Since we always purchase parts directly from the manufacturers, we are currently able to make our customers compete in better position. Future Products and Services: We must remain on top of Korean made auto spare parts exporters. The most important factor in developing future products and services is market need. Our understanding of the needs in this market is based on better sourcing and supplying the qualified items with competitive prices. As stated earlier, Even if it is now on a very first step, we are now running our own website to support our customers. In our website, customers could feel comfortable checking every activity made by K-PLUS CO. containing more than 900,000 items for instant pricing. We never stop developing our web services to serve better qualified services. 展开 公司地址:凯旋路1222弄1704室 (邮编:200052) 地图
是知名企业,现诚聘 展开 公司地址:北京市海淀区上地四街1号院3号楼306室 (邮编:100085) 地图 公司官网:http://phobosi.com

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